Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Successful Day

Finding one's voice is important for so many reasons.  I am the youngest of six in my family.  My voice wasn't heard much, or if it was it wasn't really taken seriously.  Ah, the curse of being "The Baby."  It's okay though, because I believe my experiences have helped me become the voice teacher I am.  I love helping people find their voice.  It gives me such pleasure to be on the path with someone who is healing old wounds from being told to mouth the words, or that they couldn't sing.  I believe that everyone has a right to learn to play their own instrument.  It is not for anyone else to take away from them.  In our society it seems that once you open your mouth, you are also opening the door for others to give their judgements.  I work with my students to focus on how things feel, rather than how they sound.  The feelings are how they learn the techniques, and also how they connect to the music.  Once you connect, the rest falls into place.  Then it doesn't matter what someone else says.  They can't take away your personal connection to what you are doing.  If I can give this gift to my students, it's a successful day. 


  1. Great words of empowerment, Joy. I hope many students connect with you.

  2. what a great gift to give and so many ways to apply this lovely post :)

  3. You have given it to me and I am forever thankful! = )